Saturday, April 7, 2012

Dungeon Striker 1st CBT

A very cute newly developed dungeon based MMO called Dungeon Striker by Eyedentitygames (same developer as Dragon Nest) just opened their recruitment page.

The game itself reminds me of Dragonica with diablo like gameplay, which you guys can look at the demonstration & promotion video below.

Recruitment : 5th ~ 22nd of April (18 days)
Testing : 27th ~ 29th April / (16:00 ~ 22:00 gmt+9) [6 hours]
Winner will be announced on 24th of April

Official Site: Dungeon Strikers
Developer: Eyedentitygames
Publisher: Hangame

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Legend of Souls 1st CBT Announced!

The recruitment for the CBT will start (more like already started) from 22nd of March to 1st of April. The selected winner will be announced on 3rd of April and the CBT will start from 5th until 9th of April.

and yes, its an action game ..that has a server vs server war; is what I heard.

Official Site: Legend of Soul
Publisher: Pmang

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

PSO2 1st CBT Phase Recruitment

I might as well as write something here ...kinda missed the blog
so anyway;

SEGA has just opened their recruitment page for their 1st CBT phase of Phantasy Star Online 2 and also released a new trailer showing new features, new contents, new map, new level caps and many more.

The recruitment phase starts from 26th of March to 16th of April, and the testing is scheduled to start around late of April.

Anyone that have already joined their previous testing which is Alpha 2nd, and reached level 10 and above will get into the cbt automatically, and also for those who joined the alpha without testing it will be included in their lottery chance for CBT phase.

As for others who want to try the game can apply for entry here:

Official Site: Phantasy Star Online 2
Publisher: SEGA JP

I might post some screenshot or videos later, if I'm not too busy..

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Comic Fiesta 2011 goodies

..well only 1 item bought..probably might just type "goody" there as title lol

Bought myself a Ceui's 1st album CD so that I could get myself her own signature on top of the CD (which I did get it ..also an extra ..a Mikuni Shimokawa's signature which I ask her to write in on my BRS figma stand (and yes it has nothing to do with mikuni at all)

my original intention is to get mikuni's dvd but it was sold out, whats only left is just Ceui's Just bought her's instead and get both ..HAHA

and yes It's original ..not the pirate version

Probably they both will come again tomor- I mean today ..I won't be coming though since no money left to do anything there..

CF's Official site: here

*OHH!! ..its my 100's post..never actually noticed it until I pressed publish

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Archeage CBT4

The 1st 3 day of gameplay was exciting..I wont play the game today though since its somebody else's turn. I seriously wish that I have my very own account to play the game.

For this 4th CBT, you can choose 4 race (3 old one and a new race), which is Ferres, a furry type of race, Elves tribe, Nuians a human tribe and Hari Harran an asian like human tribe.

for this video, I actually left the last part of the character creation process which is abilities selection

The abilities selection start off with 10 abilities, you need to choose 3 of them and combinations of those abilities will create your class.

This is the combination for an assassin, that is if u want to become one

Basically this is an example of how to choose the abilities. If u click one of those abilities, your created character at the bottom of the screen will move and show the skill preview of your choosen ability. If you click the recommended button it will list out 10 recommended combination, and random button for randomized combinations . For more detailed info about the abilities and combinations , visit archeage official's ability page

SCORPIONS!!! ..and also huge larva thing..

There's alot of things you can do in the game like building a house etc etc, but I only experience only a little of it for now . You guys can look up all the featured system here.

boat rowing..

Glide awayyy~~

Official Site: KR | EN

Friday, October 28, 2011

Black★Rock Shooter TV Anime

Finally Trailer for BRS is streamed! go ahead and see the trailer below

The anime will be available in January, 2012 and it is confirmed to have around 8 episode ..which is sort of too short to me ..I expect it to be 12 episode or 11 episode long =.=;

UPDATE: The anime will be available on February 2nd, 2012

Official Site: Black★Rock Shooter
Animation Studio: Ordet | SANZIGEN Inc

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lime Odyssey Pre-OBT (KR)

Lime Odyssey pre-obt just started around yesterday, if you guys want to try it out before the game started with aeriagames just sign up and join the fun.
the schedule is as below (GMT+9):

Wednesday 26th Oct, 2pm - 11pm (9 hours)
Thursday 27th Oct, 2pm - 11pm (9 hours)
Friday 28th Oct, 2pm - Saturday 29th Oct, 10pm (32 hours)

you can download the game here

here's a bit of my character creation video (also a bit of gameplay before the game dced >.> )

Official Site: (KR) | (NA)